For those of you thinking of investing in avocados here are some things you should consider about investing in citrus groves:

  1. There are several varieties including conventional lemons and mandarins (Cuties) that are very profitable in the citrus industry.
  2. Citrus uses half the amount of water that an avocado uses in a season four-acre feet for avocados vs. two-acre feet for citrus.
  3. With new high-density planting, you can get a citrus grove to maturity by the eighth year while an avocado grove takes to the ninth or tenth year.
  4. Citrus comes into production earlier in the fourth year than an avocado tree so there is a quicker cash flow with high density planting.
  5. Citrus handles heat better we have had six years of a drought now and citrus contends with high temperatures above 100 degrees better than an avocado does. Avocado trees are sub-tropical and because citrus is heartier than an avocado tree citrus handles cold better; Tangos down to 26-27 degrees and lemons down to 30 degrees where avocados receive some damage down to 32.
  6. Because of their heartiness they are a more consistent producer over the years where you can get an alternating crop in avocados due to weather patterns, that is not the case with citrus.
  7. If you did receive a weather calamity, citrus only takes one year to come back and set a crop where avocados take a full year to flush, bloom and then a year later you are picking avocados again.
  8. In Temecula, water is everything. With Rancho California Water District, we enjoy about $780.00 per acre foot versus the rest of our competitive area of Ventura and San Diego counties charging now well into the $1,600.00 per acre foot. Therefore, an investment in citrus within Rancho California Water will payoff sooner.
If you are interested in a citrus investment, please contact Kristina Oliva and see what we have for an investment for you for the future.